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Fire Suppression with HI-FOG®: How Does It Work?

HI-FOG® water mist is suitable for most types of fires on land and at sea. This groundbreaking fire fighting system rapidly gets the fire under control and suppresses or extinguishes it by discharging a fine water mist at high velocity that also effectively cools the surrounding temperature and thus minimizes heat-related damage. 

The efficient and effective fire fighting tool

Marioff - Heat, oxygen, fuelHI-FOG® is an exceptionally efficient fire safety technology, as it uses significantly less water thantraditional sprinkler systems, while achieving a similar or better level of performance, and minimizes both fire and water damage.

HI-FOG® performance is based on fast evaporation of water that cools down the flame and surrounding gases as well as locally displaces oxygen. The very small droplets as such effectively block radiant heat.  The HI-FOG® micro-droplets, represent water in its most effective fire fighting form.

The high pressure enables the water mist to penetrate into a fire in liquid form and result in evaporation in locations where it is of most use. High pressure water mist also effectively fills up the protected space and provides superior cooling, hence protecting surrounding equipment and structures.  The strong downward throw of the water mist sprays also entrain surrounding hot smoke restricting its spread and reducing the number of unnecessary sprinkler activations further away from the actual fire.  This property further contributes in minimizing water related damage as compared to traditional sprinkler systems. 

Intelligent and innovative fire protection

When the system is activated, HI-FOG® water mist is created by pushing plain water or plain water and compressed gas (air or nitrogen) through specially designed sprinkler and spray heads using high-pressurepumps or accumulators. By combining a number of these innovative nozzles and the water pressurizing and pumping means with stainless steel piping, HI-FOG® makes it ideal to protect various spaces and objects with a number of fire tested and type approved solutions. These solutions cover most of Marioff global customers’ needs.